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Transdr – Something You Should Know About It

What is Transdr?

Transdr is the latest online dating app for transgender dating. Unlike most traditional dating apps on the market that allows two people to chat and hook up. Transdr is dedicated to helping you find a serious transsexual relationships. It means Transdr is a shortcut to realise your transgender dating and fantasy. Transdr is a platform where you can meet like-minded people who are eager for transgender relationship and freedom of love. It’s a great platform and its main function is to let two people fit to find each other on a swipe.

Who needs Transdr?

Dating is not an easy task in modern society, especially when people are under the double pressure of work and life. People have a little extra time on the date. It’s not easy for ordinary people to date, so it’s more difficult for the transgenders. Look around you and is there any hope of finding someone with an open mind to embrace a transsexual relationship? If not, then you are the one who needs Transdr. Transdr is made up of a community which attracts people who understand and believe the freedom of love and joy of getting into trans dates. Here, you can share your life and attitude of love freely without any judgement and criticism. You can make friends with people who share the open minded and similar interests with you and even find the love of your life. So, if this is something you expect, you definitely need Transdr.

How does Transdr work?

Transdr is kind of tinder for transgender people. When you sign up for this app, you will find it has a simple but beautiful interface which contains the name, profile information and sexual orientation and requirement of your expected partner. After you finish this information, you can start to find the match by swiping the people left or right. Once someone you like swiping you right, you two will be in a match. Then you can embark on communicating with him/she, share your pictures and discuss experience in life with each other. Finally you two can set a date in real life.

How about the membership price?

Just like other dating apps, Transdr has premium version for providing better and special abilities which allows members to connect with others without limitation. These abilities are affordable and anyone who is to pay at least 14.99$ a month, and 3 months subscription will be charged 29.99$ and 49.99$ for 6 months. Compared to other popular dating apps in this field, this price of membership is totally worth it.

No matter you want tranny date, shemale date and trans date, Transdr will be your best option and is the easiest way to fullfil it. With such an amazing dating app, you cannot only avoid confronting the awkwardness of asking someone out on a trans dating in real life, but also save your time. Don’t hesitate. Download this app right now.