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Questions You Shouldn’t Ask On A Trans Dating Platform

The trans dating apps and websites are just the platform for the people to find the right partner for themselves. These apps make it really easier to find the personality you are looking for. But while using these apps you got to understand that there are some basic things which you should not even think of asking the other people you are taking to. So here are the list of some questions you shouldn’t ask on a transgender dating website or app.

#What If you were straight?

Never ask this kind of a question on a tranny date site or an app because that can be the worst scenario you can create on that dating platform with the other person. This is not a question to be put up on the mind because this trans dating app you are on helps the trans community to meet and get people of their choice and interest. Its a platform for their identity not of something where you can discuss about being a straight person or bi. So this question will complete ruin the mood of the other guy and of course things between you two might not get ahead any more.

#Are you sure?

Why are you even thinking of asking something like that. That’s being rude and not behaving properly type of a question. Don’t even try to ask this on any of the trans dating apps or websites you surf through. It is just so bad to ask someone a question like this directly on their face. If someone tells you they’re trans, just accept it with ease and politely. You can not argue or judge their identity. They are what they are and so does you. You need to Accept people as they are, and don’t treat anyone any differently than you normally would. You’ll be a lot happier once you do. Yes that is how the world works. There are equal rights for everyone and you gotta understand this and treat everyone equally.

#Can we become just normal friends?

So this is another question you have to keep in mind that you should not ask on a trans dating app. Why not? This is something illogical of you to think off and you must understand trans people are also the same people as you are with the same heart and everything. and yes they can be anyone’s friend, best friend, brother and everything. So this question is actually an offending kinda statement for someone on a trans dating app or websites. Trans people are just as a normal person as you are. Just use your mind and don’t be judgemental.

#Are you trans because you’re greedy for sex?

Yes without any doubt being a trans, the person can find a boy and a girl attractive at the same time. But that does mean the person is greedy or something or just being a trans to have sex with different people. It is not like that. They are not sex greedy or something. That is the way they are. You cannot judge anyone from your point of view. You have to understand the perspective too. So being on a trans dating app or website do not ask anyone this type of question. Because this doesn’t mean anything and you you are just being offensive to others.