7 Trans Friendly Dating Apps

The modern world we live in is moving at a faster pace. Humans try to control everything in the palm of their hand. This is what has led to a rapidly growing smartphone controlled society. Everything in the present times can be operated through smartphones. Communications has become easier. Shopping and business made faster. Not just this but now with advanced social medium, dating can happen online. It is easy to find a partner on a dating app or site simply by tapping on some profiles.

With this new school dating, the global world is seen as one and people across the world are coming closer to rule out all the differences and propagate love. For those sections of the society that felt left out and ignored, now they have a good platform to search for their partner which had otherwise been impossible to find. When we talk about minor communities of the world (be it on whatever basis) they have a good chance to find a mate of their liking and community from any other part of the world. LGBT dating and trans dating especially, has been made easier through online dating platform. There are apps for the general public regardless of a specific type and then there are certain other apps made for specific sections such as for ts hookup and crossdresser hookup. Transexuals at times face problems in looking for a perfect partner online. Here are a couple of apps that may help them make genuine friends and search partners:


Transdr is a ts dates app founded by Sean Kennedy to let transgenders overcome the social stigma of being what they are. This app provides all the features of Tinder including swipe left and right. It also includes filtering your search options to narrow down your choices.


Grindr is one of the most popular free LGBT dating app. One of the best part about this app is no banner ads and multiple profiles you can see. It lets you chat interactively and share private pictures. Additionally, Grindr Xtra upgrade provides you more features than any other app.


The name needs no introduction. It has changed the face of online dating and probably the most popular dating app globally. It is a general platform for all types of people and now supports tgirl dating, transman dating and LGBT dating as well.

Ok Cupid

This app is more interactive than conventional dating apps. It supports all types of sexual orientation and preferences. You have the option to use this app ad free. Another fun thing about this app is intensive media sharing.

Adult Friend Finder

This one is the most popular adult dating site that lets you look for not just dating but one night stands, short hookups and meets. Adult camming is one of the most popular feature of this site.


This app is exclusively designed for gay and bisexual people. With over 1.5 million active users, this app is ranked 131 on itunes app store in social networking category. Unlike other apps, your chat history including media remains safe in the app and never gets lost.

Several Ways to Become Attractive Women - Tips for male to female

Why do you want to be a crossdresser? I know that your goal is to release your most fascinating female self. You don't want to be a normal woman, you want to be a very attractive woman. But what makes women attractive and charming? Is there a beautiful face or a perfect figure? Absolutely not the case. Charisma is not just about your appearance, it's about how you present yourself, how you interact with people, and the energy you emit. Are you ready to improve your charisma? First of all, you must develop the habits of these very attractive women.

Taking good care of yourself

Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep will give you a glow that makeup can't match. Taking good care of your body will not only make you look good, it will also bring health to your body. It will also show others your self-respect and self-improvement. At the same time, this is another attraction to others.

Showing some skin properly

Attractive crossdressing women can make others feel their sexiness, so don't hide your sexy side. Show your best femininity and show off your skin, whether it's an arm or a calf. Just remember that balance is the key element. Excessive skin exposure can make change the meaning of sex, and may become a lure in the eyes of others.

Be a passionate person

A passionate woman is very attractive. If you have lost your desire for life at this moment, then it is time to break your shackles. Be a participatory person, start experimenting with new things now, and find like-minded partners to discuss these interesting things with you. Fortunately, cross-dressers and transgender women are among the most interesting people around the world.

Be care for your hair

Hair has a great effect on your appearance. Plump and bright hair is a sign of youth, beauty, vitality and femininity. Therefore, when you dress yourself up as a woman, it is a top priority to maintain your hair. Whether it's your own hair or a high-quality wig, gorgeous hair can transform you from ordinary to shine.

Maintain a positive attitude

Do you know people who complain frequently? Complaining will make people consciously keep a distance from you, right? Drama and negative attitudes are not attractive. And positive energy will naturally draw people's attention, so keep a positive attitude and maintain uplifting energy, let it be your guide.

Emitting your confidence

One of the common features of charming women is self confidence. The good news is that you don't have to wait until you feel confident to emit your confidence. It can be conveyed by body language and eyes. For example, standing upright in a crowd, looking at someone's eyes with a smile, is an indication of confidence. Self confidence will make you like a blooming flower, so that others cannot help but be attracted to you.

Four Tips for FTM Transgender Guys During The Transition Process

In this world, some people are born female but identify themselves as male. These people have been eager to transition to the gender they want. If you're a man who identifies as a woman, know that you're not alone. Thanks to advances in technology, you can physically transition to the man you've always longed for.

The surgery that turns you into a man is called a gender reassignment surgery. The procedure changes your physical characteristics to match the man. It usually consists of two stages, the upper surgery and the lower surgery. The upper surgery includes double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. This will remove your chest and make your chest look flatter and more masculine. The lower surgery involves RFF phalloplasty. The procedure involves using skin and forearm veins to construct a male penis. In addition to RFF, there is a similar procedure called ALT phalloplasty, which uses the skin and veins of the thigh to create a male penis. For everyone who chooses to switch from female to male, this transformation is a unique process. Here are some valuable tips to help you who want to be a transgender successfully transition from a woman to a man.

Accept yourself

Just because you don't accept the gender assigned at birth doesn't make you a useless person. It is perfectly normal to disagree with the gender assigned at birth. Unfortunately, many are facing gender anxiety. So it's important to accept who you are, and in fact. It's a step that you have to take in the trans process.

Find people who support you

The best place to start is in the transition. It's a difficult thing to do, but you need to get over it. Your family, close friends and loved ones all need time to get used to the news. Even if your body is starting to change you need time because people are used to your living as a woman. At this stage, you need a strong support system, so finding family and friends who support your change is a priority.

Start acting like a man

Social transformation is the most important step to fitting in with your masculinity. You can start your social transformation by doing simple things like wearing men's clothing. You shouldn't expect people to call you "him" when you're wearing something obviously feminine. Remember, acting ends when you become the real you, which means you end up being the real man instead of performing a man. There are various websites on the Internet, you can visit them to see how to establish a man image.

Seek professional help

You need professional help for the successful transformation of your body. You can start by talking to a therapist who will help you deal with the emotional issues you are experiencing. Next, you should go to a professional doctor who will advise you on the best way to physically transform yourself.

After the surgery, you will be a trans people. And you can live as yourself and find a trans dating partner, have some wonderful transgender dating.

Questions You Shouldn't Ask On A Trans Dating Platform

The trans dating apps and websites are just the platform for the people to find the right partner for themselves. These apps make it really easier to find the personality you are looking for. But while using these apps you got to understand that there are some basic things which you should not even think of asking the other people you are taking to. So here are the list of some questions you shouldn't ask on a transgender dating website or app.

#What If you were straight?

Never ask this kind of a question on a tranny date site or an app because that can be the worst scenario you can create on that dating platform with the other person. This is not a question to be put up on the mind because this trans dating app you are on helps the trans community to meet and get people of their choice and interest. Its a platform for their identity not of something where you can discuss about being a straight person or bi. So this question will complete ruin the mood of the other guy and of course things between you two might not get ahead any more.

#Are you sure?

Why are you even thinking of asking something like that. That's being rude and not behaving properly type of a question. Don't even try to ask this on any of the trans dating apps or websites you surf through. It is just so bad to ask someone a question like this directly on their face. If someone tells you they're trans, just accept it with ease and politely. You can not argue or judge their identity. They are what they are and so does you. You need to Accept people as they are, and don't treat anyone any differently than you normally would. You'll be a lot happier once you do. Yes that is how the world works. There are equal rights for everyone and you gotta understand this and treat everyone equally.

#Can we become just normal friends?

So this is another question you have to keep in

What Kind of Man Do Transgender Women Like?

Every woman is looking for true love, someone to spend the rest of her life with. Although different girls have different preferences when looking for a partner, there are some common personality traits that all women share, including transgender and genetic women.

Understanding these common personality traits will help you more easily attract a transgender woman and be welcomed by them. When it comes to relationships, personality plays an important role because so many of the problems of relationships can come from that. Transgender women do pay great attention to the following personality traits of men. Here are some tips on how to attract transgender women.

Have a sense of humor

The first thing you should know about attracting transgender women is having a good sense of humor. Having a good sense of humor is a big advantage because everyone likes someone who makes them laugh. But that doesn't mean you need to keep her laughing like a clown. Generally, you just need to tell a few jokes at the right time based on understanding her sense of humor in your trans dating. In fact, most women like these men because they have the confidence and ability to help them decompress.

Have an honest heart

No matter what tricks you use to attract a transgender woman, she won't stay in touch with you if you're not loyal. In a ts dating, loyalty is important for transgender women, as many women have become frustrated with men who don't take them seriously. For trans women, loyalty doesn't just mean you shouldn't cheat on them, it means you need to keep the secrets they tell you, not spread them. Committed men are more likely to stay around.

Be enthusiastic

Being passionate about something will make you attractive to transgender women. Being passionate about something and striving for it means you have a clear goal and know how to achieve it. As a matter of fact, such men often have an infectious enthusiasm that many transgender women enjoy hanging out with.


Accountability for transgender women is important. Once you have a plan or commitment, don't break it. It's important to give her the impression of responsibility. Besides, you don't make rash promises and you will certainly do your best to fulfill your responsibilities. If you are a responsible person, she will be more willing to be with you. Because all women value this!

Have your own ideas

All women, including transgender women, don't like men who change their minds easily. Basically, this lack of character indicates that you can't be trusted. This trait seems to matter to many transgender women. For transgender women, being independent and having their own ideas can save them a lot of trouble. So remember to always stick to your values and show trans women that you're responsible and reliable.

How to Meet Guys If You Are A Trans Woman?

It is easy to women to meet guys and dating, but things are different when it comes to dating for trans women. Many men can easily attracted by the beauty of transgender women, but when they know the truth about who they are, most of men will stop dating a trans woman. It's nothing wrong with these guys, it's nothing wrong if they cannot accept trans dating, because they can respect trans women at least. There are more and more trans dating apps to help trans women to find their life partners, trans dating app is really an effective way of trans dating. As a trans woman, you need to know how to meet guys in your life and increase your opportunities of meeting the right one.

Online trans dating sites

If you are a single trans woman, online trans site is absolutely the best way for you to find your life partner. Choose a great trans dating site and create an account is the first step. Many guys who are interested in trans dating are looking for trans women online, because most of guys don't want to find their tranny date partners in real life. As a trans woman, you may know that many guys just date trans women for fun, they don;t want to have a serious relationship with trans women. They never introduce their trans girlfriend to their friends and date trans women in public places, because they only want to keep a short-term dating relationship with trans women. If you are a trans woman who are looking for a serious love relationship, you should read his profilecarefully and clear about his dating intention, or you can ask his dating intention directly. In this way, you can meet the man who has the same intention with you.

Join a local community

If you want meet a guy in your life, you can join a local community, such as sports community, music community and more. The most important thing is to join a community which you are interested in. Only in this way, can you have the same interest with the guy, and you can easily find a topic to talk with the guy. Another important thing is to choose a community, where the number of men is more than women. It means you have more chances to find a right guy here. As a trans woman, you should also know that some communities are unfriendly to trans people, never join these communities, it is unsafe for you to do that. Before finding a perfect guy who can well protect you, you should know how to protect yourself. Be an open-minded and easy-going woman if you want to attract a guy in a short time. There are many handsome men in the community, you should always ready to star a conversations with them. You can also take the first step, because it is easy for a beautiful woman to get a man's connect information. Never miss the right one in your life.

Tips for Trans Women: What Do Men Want in A Love Relationship?

Why more and men want to have a trans dating? What do they want in a love relationship with trans women? These two questions are common questions that many transgender women want to know. These questions are also very important for trans women. Men's dating intentions are different from one to another, but most of them dating trans women for fun, love relationship, friendship, short-term relationship and something else. What do men want in a love relationship with trans women?

1. Love and respect

The same as everyone, most of men date for love and respect. Love is the start of all relationships. In other words, men want to be the hero of their women, they want to be loves and respect by their women. No matter they date trans women or ordinary women, love and respect are the common intentions of most men. If you are lucky enough to date this kind of men, everything seems easy in your relationship. They only want to be loved and respected, so you just need to show your love and respect to them. As far as I know, most of trans women also date for love and respect, because they cannot be respected by everyone on life. When they date with other people, what they want most from a love relationship is respect. If you are a trans woman who is looking for love and respect, then you can really understand why there are some men want to be loved and respected in a transgender dating relationship.

2. Encouragement and praise

Men with high self-esteem want to be encouraged and praised in a love relationship. Most men want to be supported by their partners. With your support, your man can be better the before, your praise can encourage him to improve himself and become a prefect partner for you, your praise can make him more confident than before. If you can always encourage and praise him, he is possible to make some achievements which seem impossible in the past, and you can improve and change a man in this way. Confidence is very important to men, it couldn't e better if you can give confidence to a man.

3. Companionship

Most of singles are lonely in life, they just want a companionship from a love relationship. This is also the idea of many trans women. The same as most of singles, trans women are living lonely, because few people are willing to be friends with them in real life. They have no choice but to make friends online. Comparing with build a love relationship with men, they want to make more friends and have a companionship. They make friends online, date online, only because they don't want to live alone, and it couldn't be better if they can meet a life partner online. As you can see, many users of trans dating sites are not only look for love relationship, but friendship and companionship. Before dating a man, you should not only clear what the man want from the relationship, but what do you want from the relationship.