Can Nerds Be Successfully Dated with Cougars?


I want to tell you a story about my good friend Jack. Jack is 26 years old young man and he is not handsome. He is a young man with high IQ but he is more introverted and lack of confidence in himself. He has a high-paying job, but he is difficult to make a girlfriend. So now he has only one or two sexual experiences, no marriage, no children. To help him get out of this dilemma early, I helped him sign up for an account on Hookoo, a more famous one-night hookup site. There are a lot of young women of the same age as him. I didn't think about letting him trans date with sugar momma at the time. Because I don't think they match. But after a week he didn't attract a young woman, I began to think about whether the goal was wrong. I started asking him about his idea of dating an sugar momma. To my surprise, he said that he likes sugar momma very much and feels that older women are more flavorful. So ,I registered him with an account on CougarD. CougarD is a website dedicated to dating older women and young people for mature dating. I have a certain research on cougars, I think I can help him to date older women.

I began to teach him how to make the most of his profile and photos to attract sugar momma and how to edit interesting messages to flirt with the older woman, he was a bit shy at the beginning, and when he slowly let go, he became more and more bold and more confident in himself. There are more and more older women who find him begin to like him. He will consult me every night about the problems he has encountered. For example, if the older woman he likes does not reply to him, what should he do? How can he put his own photo on the top of the page? and many more. I will patiently tell him what to do. He is also a very good student. Every time I told him he could apply them to the actual operation. Now, he can cougar hook up dating with anyone he likes, he is already a better online cougar hook up apps.

Now every time he goes out to have trans dates with a sugar momma, I am more nervous than him. I want to know what they are doing, is he successful or not? In fact, every time his older women dating is very successful.

So, believe me, even if you are a nerd or a shy person, as long as the goals and methods of dating are right, you can still be an attractive cougar hook up dating partner.

Through my friend's example, you don't need to worry about whether you can find a suitable older woman any more. People like him can do it very well, I believe you will do it better.