Four Tips for FTM Transgender Guys During The Transition Process

In this world, some people are born female but identify themselves as male. These people have been eager to transition to the gender they want. If you're a man who identifies as a woman, know that you're not alone. Thanks to advances in technology, you can physically transition to the man you've always longed for.

The surgery that turns you into a man is called a gender reassignment surgery. The procedure changes your physical characteristics to match the man. It usually consists of two stages, the upper surgery and the lower surgery. The upper surgery includes double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. This will remove your chest and make your chest look flatter and more masculine. The lower surgery involves RFF phalloplasty. The procedure involves using skin and forearm veins to construct a male penis. In addition to RFF, there is a similar procedure called ALT phalloplasty, which uses the skin and veins of the thigh to create a male penis. For everyone who chooses to switch from female to male, this transformation is a unique process. Here are some valuable tips to help you who want to be a transgender successfully transition from a woman to a man.

Accept yourself

Just because you don't accept the gender assigned at birth doesn't make you a useless person. It is perfectly normal to disagree with the gender assigned at birth. Unfortunately, many are facing gender anxiety. So it's important to accept who you are, and in fact. It's a step that you have to take in the trans process.

Find people who support you

The best place to start is in the transition. It's a difficult thing to do, but you need to get over it. Your family, close friends and loved ones all need time to get used to the news. Even if your body is starting to change you need time because people are used to your living as a woman. At this stage, you need a strong support system, so finding family and friends who support your change is a priority.

Start acting like a man

Social transformation is the most important step to fitting in with your masculinity. You can start your social transformation by doing simple things like wearing men's clothing. You shouldn't expect people to call you "him" when you're wearing something obviously feminine. Remember, acting ends when you become the real you, which means you end up being the real man instead of performing a man. There are various websites on the Internet, you can visit them to see how to establish a man image.

Seek professional help

You need professional help for the successful transformation of your body. You can start by talking to a therapist who will help you deal with the emotional issues you are experiencing. Next, you should go to a professional doctor who will advise you on the best way to physically transform yourself.

After the surgery, you will be a trans people. And you can live as yourself and find a trans dating partner, have some wonderful transgender dating.