Questions You Shouldn't Ask Your Transgender Date

If you are currently dating a shemale, or if you are planning to date a transgender people, one thing you need to realize is that for the first time in a world dating a transgender partner. In order for your trans dating to go smoothly, here are some questions that you should not ask your shemale to date. Although everyone has different personalities, the advice I give is for most people, so I hope you can look at these issues carefully. Don't hurt the people you like.

Are you a virgin?

Obviously, don't ask this question if you are dating anyone. Anyone's virginity has nothing to do with you. After all, no one has ever asked you such a sensitive question. For women, being asked such questions will feel offended. Moreover, no one who has a self-cultivation will ask such a question. At this time you are dating, you should learn about your ts dating partner from other aspects. If you don't like her, then you can leave directly, don't hurt her through such words.

Do you have pussy or dick?

Many transgender people are asked this question. Because some transgender people have undergone sex-change surgery, when you meet some boring people, he will ask transgender people in the trans dating. Do you have a pussy? Or do you have a penis? Usually this person who is interested in your lower body is a shameless person or an ignorant person. Who will ask questions like trans people at the beginning of the date? Do you need to personally check if the trans people are telling the truth?

Have you had sex with other?

Yes, this is a topic of life in a bed. Very private, right? But there are some nonsense people who will ask such questions. Have you ever had sex with someone else? No! What are you doing? The question you ask is that you are simply treating a transgender people who is dating you as a sexual fantasies. Or now you don't want a shemale dating, you just need a different sexual partner. However, trans people are not fools, they won't let you play. So, if you have such an idea, stop.

Is your dick big?

This problem is really too unreasonable. First of all, not every transgender woman feels comfortable with her penis, otherwise she will not have gender anxiety. Then, everyone dealing with such problems is holding a different mentality. Many transgender people don't have any problems between their legs, but many people still can't face it. So maybe this is an insignificant issue in your eyes, but it is very important for transgender people. You can't imagine how hard is to deal with the transgender things for these transgender people. So, show some respect.

As I have said, these are the kinds of questions that transgender people face all the time on a trans date. If you're going out with a transgender person in the future, or if you're going out with a transgender person right now, remember not to ask unreasonable questions