How do you find the perfect trans girlfriend?

May be like this: a beautiful, and single transgender women completely impassable, a fully functional penis has no plans to change the configuration, it also attract men, drug and disease free, he have breast implants and a long, beautiful hair, is her own, he don't want to get access and your life is relative to keep calm.

The gender transition is absolutely devastating for the lives of trans girls. Forty-one percent of transgender people attempt suicide, compared with 1.6 percent of the general population. Family members often do not recognize transgender people. Few companies hire a trans woman unless she is perfect - and that takes a lot of time and money. We often end up in extreme poverty - trans women are four times more likely than the general population to have a household income below $10,000.

Many men who are attracted to grindr trans women think, "why would she want to have her penis removed - that's what makes her sexy and special?" For some trans women? They hated the accessory --they didn't feel it belonged to them in the first place. But what about many other transgender people? They knew it would bring many challenges to her life and career that would sometimes improve once she completed the procedure.

In our binary society, there is no place for transgender women before surgery - there is health care, showers, women's bathrooms and many jobs. As a result, most trans women now have their own lives - including a decent job - and a lot of trans drama. They don't have penises anymore. Girls in the lovemaking trade often take viagra and Ciallis to overcome the problem, but most other girls don't want to.

Making the transition from male to female is challenging. And then create an amazing example of femininity from that starting point? Almost impossible. And yet - to do all this -is there no inherent defect? That's too much to ask. Almost every trans woman wears a wig or hair extensions. In addition, we often deal with the problem of the continuous growth of facial and body hair. Even some of the best artificial features are occasionally challenged.

We strive to create a transgender dating platform where we can play a seamless role in the new gender. Yes, we want to be considered "beautiful" too.

Back to reality. We now know that "perfect" trans girlfriends don't exist. That means you need to settle for imperfection: imagine?

The key to successfully finding the right trans partner is identifying your negotiating points: what is negotiable? What is negotiation?

I always think of this as half baby and half loaf what is that? Half a loaf is better than no bread, obviously. But half a child? It is of no value.